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Definition of Unwritten


  1. Not written; not reduced to writing; oral; as, unwritten agreements.
  2. Containing no writing; blank; as, unwritten paper.

Unwritten Quotations

Perhaps the best definition of progress would be the continuing efforts of men and women to narrow the gap between the convenience of the powers that be and the unwritten charter.
Nadine Gordimer

A state that suppresses all freedom of speech, and which by imposing the most terrible punishments, treats each and every attempt at criticism, however morally justified, and every suggestion for improvement as plotting to high treason, is a state that breaks an unwritten law.
Kurt Huber

It's like there's some unwritten rule that if you're mates, you can say what you want to each other, and you don't really get that annoyed about it.
Karl Pilkington

No written law has ever been more binding than unwritten custom supported by popular opinion.
Carrie Chapman Catt

I'm so grateful to grab hold of something that wants to be a play. It doesn't happen very often. I don't have unwritten plays waiting for their turn.
Tom Stoppard
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Unwritten Translations

unwritten in German is ungeschriebene, ungeschrieben
unwritten in Spanish is no escrito
unwritten in Swedish is oskriven

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