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Definition of Untrue


  1. Not true; false; contrary to the fact; as, the story is untrue.
  2. Not faithful; inconstant; false; disloyal.
  3. Untruly.

Untrue Quotations

It is explained that all relationships require a little give and take. This is untrue. Any partnership demands that we give and give and give and at the last, as we flop into our graves exhausted, we are told that we didn't give enough.
Quentin Crisp

When you're young you think that you're going to sail into a lovely lake of quietude and peace. This is profoundly untrue.
Doris Lessing

Emotions can certainly be misleading: they can fool you into believing stuff that is definitely, demonstrably untrue.
Francis Spufford

The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.
Edward R. Murrow

It is a cliche that most cliches are true, but then like most cliches, that cliche is untrue.
Stephen Fry
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Untrue Translations

untrue in Afrikaans is verkeerd
untrue in Dutch is onwaar
untrue in French is incorrect
untrue in German is unwahr, unrichtig, unwahr
untrue in Hungarian is pontatlan, nem pontos, hazug, hamis, nem igaz
untrue in Latin is infidelis
untrue in Spanish is impropio
untrue in Swedish is osant
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