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Definition of Unionism


  1. The sentiment of attachment to a federal union, especially to the federal union of the United States.
  2. The principles, or the system, of combination among workmen engaged in the same occupation or trade.

Unionism Quotations

What is virtue but the Trade Unionism of the married?
George Bernard Shaw

Loyalism, or Unionism, or Protestantism, or whatever you want to call it, in Northern Ireland - it operates not as a class system, but a caste system.
Seamus Heaney

Republican patience with how unionism deals with the political institutions, and with key issues like equality and human rights, will be tested because, obviously, there will be a battle a day on these matters. So lets face up to all of this with our eyes wide open.
Gerry Adams

Arthur Scargill's leadership of the miners' strike has been a disgrace. The price to be paid for his folly will be immense. He will have destroyed the N.U.M. as an effective fighting force within British trade unionism for the next 20 years. If kamikaze pilots were to form their own union, Arthur would be an ideal choice for leader.
Jimmy Reid

All the time our union was progressing very nicely. There were lectures to make us understand what trades unionism is and our real position in the labor movement.
Rose Schneiderman
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