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Definition of Unholy


  1. Not holy; unhallowed; not consecrated; hence, profane; wicked; impious.

Unholy Quotations

I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me, he can work through anyone.
Francis of Assisi

We have allowed an unholy alliance of government - the new monarchy - and corporate influence - the new aristocracy - to take control of events in a way that would have made our Founders shudder.
Marianne Williamson

Marriage, like everything else in the world, is holy or unholy depending on the purpose the mind ascribes to it.
Marianne Williamson

We unavoidably stand in so many unholy places and are subjected to so much that is vulgar, profane, and destructive of the Spirit of the Lord that I encourage our Saints all over the world, wherever possible, to strive to stand more often in holy places.
James E. Faust

I get up at an unholy hour in the morning my work day is completed by the time the sun rises. I have a slightly bad back which has made an enormous contribution to American literature.
David Eddings
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Unholy Translations

unholy in German is unheilig
unholy in Hungarian is istentelen
unholy in Spanish is profano
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