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Definition of Unequal


  1. Not equal; not matched; not of the same size, length, breadth, quantity, strength, talents, acquirements, age, station, or the like; as, the fingers are of unequal length; peers and commoners are unequal in rank.
  2. Ill balanced or matched; disproportioned; hence, not equitable; partial; unjust; unfair.
  3. Not uniform; not equable; irregular; uneven; as, unequal pulsations; an unequal poem.
  4. Not adequate or sufficient; inferior; as, the man was unequal to the emergency; the timber was unequal to the sudden strain.
  5. Not having the two sides or the parts symmetrical.
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Unequal Translations

unequal in German is unsymetrisch, ungleich, ungleich
unequal in Italian is ineguale
unequal in Latin is iniquus
unequal in Spanish is dispar