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Definition of Undercut


  1. Cut away below.
  2. The lower or under side of a sirloin of beef; the fillet.
  3. To cut away, as the side of an object, so as to leave an overhanging portion.
Be able to analyze statistics, which can be used to support or undercut almost any argument.
Marilyn vos Savant

It is the Constitution of the United States that has been undermined, undercut, and is under attack. It is the American people's liberties that is in jeopardy. That is why I wrote 'Losing America.'
Robert Byrd

Whatever efforts for peace President Gorbachev had in mind, they were pretty substantially undercut very swiftly by Saddam Hussein.
John Major

We also never undercut representatives' prices. A representative will always be able to sell the discounts in our core business, which are not offered at retail. So it's never more advantageous to buy there.
Andrea Jung

Trade wars aren't started by countries appealing to respected, independent trade authorities. Rather, trade wars begin when one country decides to violate international trade rules to undercut another country's industries.
Ron Wyden

Undercut Translations

undercut in German is unterbiete, unterbieten, unterbieten
undercut in Italian is offrire sotto costo
undercut in Spanish is cortar por debajo

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