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Definition of Uncivilized


  1. Not civilized; not reclaimed from savage life; rude; barbarous; savage; as, the uncivilized inhabitants of Central Africa.
  2. Not civil; coarse; clownish.

Uncivilized Quotations

Cruelty is contagious in uncivilized communities.
Harriet Ann Jacobs

Americans have been taught that their nation is civilized and humane. But, too often, U.S. actions have been uncivilized and inhumane.
Howard Zinn

Once the state has been founded, there can no longer be any heroes. They come on the scene only in uncivilized conditions.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Britons are good, though often brutal, colonists where they come into relations with entirely uncivilized tribes whose past is so remote as to be forgotten. But they trample with their heavy boots over the sensitive, delicate susceptibilities of an ancient, highly civilized and cultured nation, such as India.
Annie Besant

The civilized are those who get more out of life than the uncivilized, and for this we are not likely to be forgiven.
Cyril Connolly
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Uncivilized Translations

uncivilized in German is ungesittet, unzivilisiert, ungesittete
uncivilized in Swedish is ociviliserad

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