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Definition of Unbroken


  1. Not broken; continuous; unsubdued; as, an unbroken colt.

Unbroken Quotations

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

One thus sees that a new kind of theory is needed which drops these basic commitments and at most recovers some essential features of the older theories as abstract forms derived from a deeper reality in which what prevails in unbroken wholeness.
David Bohm

The Cuban people have an amazingly strong and unbroken spirit.
Wim Wenders

Since the Revolution, eight generations of America's veterans have established an unbroken commitment to freedom.
Steve Buyer

We must remind Americans that the promise of opportunity remains unbroken - that every person in this great nation can succeed through hard work, courage and personal responsibility.
Brian Sandoval
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Unbroken Translations

unbroken in German is ungebrochen
unbroken in Spanish is irrompible