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Definition of Two-Way


  1. Serving to connect at will one pipe or channel with either of two others; as, a two-way cock.

Two-Way Quotations

I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two-way street.
Malcolm X

Gambling can turn into a dangerous two-way street when you least expect it. Weird things happen suddenly, and your life can go all to pieces.
Hunter S. Thompson

When it comes to personnel issues, I act professionally and respectful of former employees. I just assume that's a two-way street. It's disappointing when it's not.
Michele Bachmann

I'm a very sensitive person. I do like to be respected. I'm very loyal. I like it to be a two-way street.
Jim Brown

Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God.
Billy Graham
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Two-Way Translations

two-way in German is wechselseitig, Zweiwege..
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