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Definition of Twang


  1. A tang. See Tang a state.
  2. To sound with a quick, harsh noise; to make the sound of a tense string pulled and suddenly let go; as, the bowstring twanged.
  3. To make to sound, as by pulling a tense string and letting it go suddenly.
  4. A harsh, quick sound, like that made by a stretched string when pulled and suddenly let go; as, the twang of a bowstring.
  5. An affected modulation of the voice; a kind of nasal sound.

Twang Quotations

I'm very Southern in the way I walk in the world. I love to laugh. I love to eat. I love to hug people. But if somebody makes me mad, my neck may roll. I can be aggressive with a Southern twang.
Katori Hall

I think when I began, I played distortion more than the guitar. The results of my strumming. Now I play the twang of the string, which is a lot closer to the source of the sound making.
Ian Williams

You just pick up a chord, go twang, and you're got music.
Sid Vicious

My family are from Liverpool, so I have some twang there - I have a Midlands accent, and I was raised about an hour north of London, so my voice is a mess. Although, to American ears, it sounds like the crisp language of a queen's butler.
John Oliver

Love is not the dying moan of a distant violin - it's the triumphant twang of a bedspring.
S. J. Perelman
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Twang Translations

twang in French is nasiller
twang in German is schwirren, klingen
twang in Spanish is sonido vibrante
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