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Definition of Tuxedo


  1. A kind of black coat for evening dress made without skirts; -- so named after a fashionable country club at Tuxedo Park, New York.

Tuxedo Quotations

I wanted to play piano in restaurants in the south of France. I went there on holiday once and I saw this guy playing in an old tuxedo. He was all disheveled, with a whisky glass on the piano. I thought that was the coolest thing. So what's happened to me with 'Twilight' isn't really what I'd planned.
Robert Pattinson

In the evening every man looks the same. Like penguins. Women have a special dress for that event; men, the same tuxedo.
Roberto Cavalli

Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?
George Gobel

You put a tuxedo on me, it's like putting a saddle on a hog.
Bob Parsons

I don't have a tuxedo that fits anymore because my chest and my biceps are too big.
Charlie Sheen
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Tuxedo Translations

tuxedo in German is Smoking
tuxedo in Hungarian is szmoking
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