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Definition of Turnover


  1. The act or result of turning over; an upset; as, a bad turnover in a carriage.
  2. A semicircular pie or tart made by turning one half of a circular crust over the other, inclosing the fruit or other materials.
  3. An apprentice, in any trade, who is handed over from one master to another to complete his time.
  4. Admitting of being turned over; made to be turned over; as, a turnover collar, etc.

Turnover Quotations

The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity.
Alexander McQueen

I've really enjoyed my work in television, but the problem for me is the turnover of directors every week.
Robert Carlyle

I am aware that one should always make room for renewal in politics. A democracy is the healthier for the turnover of the depth of talent there is in its community.
Bob Brown

Travelex has grown into a global business in just 25 years. The acquisition of Thomas Cook's Global & Financial Services has created a business that would have had a combined turnover of U.S. $28.4 billion in 2000.
Lloyd Dorfman

Football is one of those games that definitely relates to life in a lot of ways. Everything can be going good, and just like that, you have a turnover. Things are going south, you're going the opposite direction. How are you going to recover from it? That's the beauty in this game.
Torrey Smith
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Turnover Translations

turnover in Dutch is omzet
turnover in German is Umsatz
turnover in Italian is movimento degli affari
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