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Definition of Tuck


  1. A long, narrow sword; a rapier.
  2. The beat of a drum.
  3. To draw up; to shorten; to fold under; to press into a narrower compass; as, to tuck the bedclothes in; to tuck up one's sleeves.
  4. To make a tuck or tucks in; as, to tuck a dress.
  5. To inclose; to put within; to press into a close place; as, to tuck a child into a bed; to tuck a book under one's arm, or into a pocket.
  6. To full, as cloth.
  7. To contract; to draw together.
  8. A horizontal sewed fold, such as is made in a garment, to shorten it; a plait.
  9. A small net used for taking fish from a larger one; -- called also tuck-net.
  10. A pull; a lugging.
  11. The part of a vessel where the ends of the bottom planks meet under the stern.
  12. Food; pastry; sweetmeats.

Tuck Quotations

It's difficult to admit to ourselves that we suffer. We feel humiliated, like we should have been able to control our pain. If someone else is suffering, we like to tuck them away, out of sight. It's a cruel, cruel conditioning. There is no controlling the unfolding of life.
Sharon Salzberg

How absurd that our students tuck their cell phones, BlackBerrys, iPads, and iPods into their backpacks when they enter a classroom and pull out a tattered textbook.
Eli Broad

I had a friend whose family had dinner together. The mother would tuck you in at night and make breakfast in the morning. They even had a spare bike for a friend. It just seemed so amazing to me.
Moon Unit Zappa

I think our Western society is very much about, 'Tuck your head in; make sure you're safe. Don't rock the boat.'
Cate Blanchett

I empathise with the fact that people want to look their best. A hat is all about how it makes you feel - it's so much better than a nip and tuck, and a lot less painful.
Philip Treacy
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Tuck Translations

tuck in Spanish is alforza
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