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Definition of Tube


  1. A tunnel for a tube railway; also (Colloq.), a tube railway.
  2. A hollow cylinder, of any material, used for the conveyance of fluids, and for various other purposes; a pipe.
  3. A telescope.
  4. A vessel in animal bodies or plants, which conveys a fluid or other substance.
  5. The narrow, hollow part of a gamopetalous corolla.
  6. A priming tube, or friction primer. See under Priming, and Friction.
  7. A small pipe forming part of the boiler, containing water and surrounded by flame or hot gases, or else surrounded by water and forming a flue for the gases to pass through.
  8. A more or less cylindrical, and often spiral, case secreted or constructed by many annelids, crustaceans, insects, and other animals, for protection or concealment. See Illust. of Tubeworm.
  9. One of the siphons of a bivalve mollusk.
  10. To furnish with a tube; as, to tube a well.

Tube Quotations

When I was in the hospital they gave me apple juice every morning, even after I told them I didn't like it. I had to get even. One morning, I poured the apple juice into the specimen tube. The nurse held it up and said, 'It's a little cloudy.' I took the tube from her and said, 'Let me run it through again,' and drank it. The nurse fainted.
Alan King

Gay marriage will be universally accepted in time. But if I may be so bold as to say to gays and lesbians, don't wait for that time to arrive. Just as my father and his generation did not 'wait' for their civil rights, nor should you. The toothpaste ain't going back in the tube. The tide has turned.
John Ridley

Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube.
William Arthur Ward

Climbing K2 or floating the Grand Canyon in an inner tube; there are some things one would rather have done than do.
Edward Abbey

The average person has one Fallopian tube.
Bo Burnham
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Tube Translations

tube in Afrikaans is buis
tube in Dutch is binnenband, luchtpijp, luchtband
tube in Finnish is putki
tube in French is outre, tube, tuyau
tube in Italian is tubetto, tubo, tubo