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Definition of Trusting


  1. of Trust
  2. Having or exercising trust; confiding; unsuspecting; trustful.

Trusting Quotations

I believe that a trusting attitude and a patient attitude go hand in hand. You see, when you let go and learn to trust God, it releases joy in your life. And when you trust God, you're able to be more patient. Patience is not just about waiting for something... it's about how you wait, or your attitude while waiting.
Joyce Meyer

I have in the past overly trusted people and was, in turn, let down by some. Since then, I have learned the difference between putting faith into people and blindly trusting them.
Do Won Chang

Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges you to lay yourself open.
James Broughton

To persevere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man.

I have blind trust in people. Even if that ends up hurting me, I won't change. I will go on trusting people because that's the only way I know to love someone.
Bipasha Basu
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