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Definition of Trumpet


  1. A wind instrument of great antiquity, much used in war and military exercises, and of great value in the orchestra. In consists of a long metallic tube, curved (once or twice) into a convenient shape, and ending in a bell. Its scale in the lower octaves is limited to the first natural harmonics; but there are modern trumpets capable, by means of valves or pistons, of producing every tone within their compass, although at the expense of the true ringing quality of tone.
  2. A trumpeter.
  3. One who praises, or propagates praise, or is the instrument of propagating it.
  4. A funnel, or short, fiaring pipe, used as a guide or conductor, as for yarn in a knitting machine.
  5. To publish by, or as by, sound of trumpet; to noise abroad; to proclaim; as, to trumpet good tidings.
  6. To sound loudly, or with a tone like a trumpet; to utter a trumplike cry.

Trumpet Quotations

The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet.
Theodore Hesburgh

Music was the one thing I could control. It was the one world that offered me freedom. When I played music, my nightmares ended. My family problems disappeared. I didn't have to search for answers. The answers lay no further than the bell of my trumpet and my scrawled, pencilled scores. Music made me full, strong, popular, self-reliant and cool.
Quincy Jones

Life is something like a trumpet. If you don't put anything in, you won't get anything out.
William Christopher Handy

There are those who wrap themselves in flags and blow the tinny trumpet of patriotism as a means of fooling the people.
George Galloway

You can't just pillory the teachers unions and sound the free market trumpet. We must visit the failing schools. We must talk to the mother who desperately wants more for her child and offer a constructive way out. We can't simply lambaste... food stamps or decry dependency.
Frank Wolf
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Trumpet Translations

trumpet in Dutch is toeteren, de trompet steken, toeten
trumpet in Finnish is torvi
trumpet in French is trompette
trumpet in German is Trompete
trumpet in Italian is tromba
trumpet in Portuguese is trombeta
trumpet in Spanish is trompeta
trumpet in Swedish is trumpet, utbasunera
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