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Definition of Trousers


  1. A garment worn by men and boys, extending from the waist to the knee or to the ankle, and covering each leg separately.

Trousers Quotations

Rock music should be gross: that's the fun of it. It gets up and drops its trousers.
Bruce Dickinson

You've always got to have the right blend of colour. You'd be silly to match a yellow t-shirt with a light green pair of trousers, you know? You can wear different colours at the same time, and as long as they blend with each other then it works. That's what I like.
Olly Murs

The silhouette is the most important thing in clothes. Every French girl knows that. High-waisted trousers give you long legs and a pretty bum which, after all, is what we all want.
Lou Doillon

We are very luck to be women, so even if we're wearing trousers, I always wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra - I like that.
Carine Roitfeld

Practical prayer is harder on the soles of your shoes than on the knees of your trousers.
Austin O'Malley
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Trousers Translations

trousers in Danish is bukser
trousers in Dutch is pantalon, broek, lange broek
trousers in Finnish is housut
trousers in French is pantalon
trousers in German is Hose, lange Hose, Hosen
trousers in Italian is pantaloni
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