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Definition of Trophies


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Trophies Quotations

Rome - the city of visible history, where the past of a whole hemisphere seems moving in funeral procession with strange ancestral images and trophies gathered from afar.
George Eliot

I hate to speak about individuals. Players don't win you trophies, teams win trophies, squads win trophies.
Jose Mourinho

When I need to push myself, I think of all those nicely polished trophies waiting to be lifted up by the winner - and how that winner might be me.
Maria Sharapova

I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies. Now I am good at everything.
Demetri Martin

Arsenal have won that advantage, nobody gave it to them. By playing fantastic football and by winning matches and by winning trophies, they won that respect that the opponent has for them.
Jose Mourinho
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