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Definition of Treatise


  1. A written composition on a particular subject, in which its principles are discussed or explained; a tract.
  2. Story; discourse.

Treatise Quotations

A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom, any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise.
John Henry Newman

You must consider, when reading this treatise, that mental perception, because connected with matter, is subject to conditions similar to those to which physical perception is subject.

Consequently the student who is devoid of talent will derive no more profit from this work than barren soil from a treatise on agriculture.

When I write a scientific treatise, I might reach 100 people. When the 'National Geographic' covers a project, it communicates about plants and fish and underwater technology to more than 10 million people.
Sylvia Earle

We propose in the following Treatise to give an outline of the Science which treats of the Nature, the Production, and the Distribution of Wealth. To that Science we give the name of Political Economy.
Nassau William Senior
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Treatise Translations

treatise in Dutch is verhandeling
treatise in German is Abhandlung {f}
treatise in Swedish is avhandling
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