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Definition of Trashed


  1. of Trash

Trashed Quotations

When my book 'Rich Dad's Prophecy' was released in 2002, most financial newspapers and magazines trashed it because I discussed a looming stock market crash.
Robert Kiyosaki

I never trashed a hotel room or did drugs.
Sean Connery

Perhaps unscripted reality shows and written fiction have already blurred together into some new amalgamated mush, just as the line between commercials and programs has been trashed.
Tom Shales

All the stuff that you visualized that was going to work so beautifully, you discover is trashed, so you jump to something else.
F. Murray Abraham

We never left a set until we'd trashed it.
Uma Thurman
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Trashed Translations

trashed in German is warf weg, verhaute

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