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Definition of Transparent


  1. Having the property of transmitting rays of light, so that bodies can be distinctly seen through; pervious to light; diaphanous; pellucid; as, transparent glass; a transparent diamond; -- opposed to opaque.
  2. Admitting the passage of light; open; porous; as, a transparent veil.

Transparent Quotations

I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom. - Simone de Beauvoir
I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.
Simone de Beauvoir

What is clear is that business leaders must commit to champion change - to be transparent about their goals for change, to align their incentives systems to drive the change, and to make sure their work environments are flexible in a way that allows men and women who choose to work to be able to achieve all of their potential.
Beth Brooke

Our foremost priority is the removal of poverty, hunger and malnutrition, disease and illiteracy. All social welfare programmes must be implemented efficiently. Agencies involved in the delivery of services should have a strong sense of duty and work in a transparent, corruption-free, time-bound and accountable manner.
Pratibha Patil

The shorter the chain between raw food and fork, the fresher it is and the more transparent the system is.
Joel Salatin

The greater the power, the more need there is for transparency, because if the power is abused, the result can be so enormous. On the other hand, those people who do not have power, we mustn't reduce their power even more by making them yet more transparent.
Julian Assange
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Transparent Translations

transparent in French is diaphane
transparent in German is durchsichtig
transparent in Italian is vaporoso
transparent in Latin is perspicuus
transparent in Spanish is transparente
transparent in Swedish is genomskinlig
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