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Definition of Translate


  1. To bear, carry, or remove, from one place to another; to transfer; as, to translate a tree.
  2. To change to another condition, position, place, or office; to transfer; hence, to remove as by death.
  3. To remove to heaven without a natural death.
  4. To remove, as a bishop, from one see to another.
  5. To render into another language; to express the sense of in the words of another language; to interpret; hence, to explain or recapitulate in other words.
  6. To change into another form; to transform.
  7. To cause to remove from one part of the body to another; as, to translate a disease.
  8. To cause to lose senses or recollection; to entrance.
  9. To make a translation; to be engaged in translation.
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Translate Translations

translate in Afrikaans is vertaal
translate in Dutch is translateren, overzetten, vertalen
translate in French is traduire, traduisons, traduisent, traduis
translate in Italian is tradurre, tradurre
translate in Latin is reddo
translate in Norwegian is oversette
translate in Portuguese is traduza
translate in Spanish is traducir, trasladar