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Definition of Tramp


  1. To tread upon forcibly and repeatedly; to trample.
  2. To travel or wander through; as, to tramp the country.
  3. To cleanse, as clothes, by treading upon them in water.
  4. To travel; to wander; to stroll.
  5. A foot journey or excursion; as, to go on a tramp; a long tramp.
  6. A foot traveler; a tramper; often used in a bad sense for a vagrant or wandering vagabond.
  7. The sound of the foot, or of feet, on the earth, as in marching.
  8. A tool for trimming hedges.
  9. A plate of iron worn to protect the sole of the foot, or the shoe, when digging with a spade.
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Tramp Translations

tramp in French is clochard, chemineau
tramp in German is Landstreicher, Strauchdieb, Landstreicher
tramp in Italian is vagabondaggio
tramp in Spanish is golondrino, puta, paso pesado, vagabundo
tramp in Swedish is lastfartyg, luffare, landstrykare