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Definition of Trailing


  1. of Trail
  2. a. & vb. n. from Trail.

Trailing Quotations

Patience is key for getting over a breakup. That, and trailing off your interaction after the breakup.

I believe that each of us comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory.
Maya Angelou

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come.
William Wordsworth

In my mind's eye, Shakespeare is a huge, hot sea-beast, with fire in his veins and ice on his claws and inscrutable eyes, who looks like an inchoate hump under the encrustations of live barnacle-commentaries, limpets and trailing weeds.
A. S. Byatt

Everybody born comes from the Creator trailing wisps of glory. We come from the Creator with creativity. I think that each one of us is born with creativity.
Maya Angelou
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Trailing Translations

trailing in German is verfolgend
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