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Definition of Trafficking


  1. of Traffic

Trafficking Quotations

We have not won the battle against drug trafficking.
Sheila Jackson Lee

These smugglers, many of them present in trafficking through my State of Arizona, create false Social Security cards, false green cards, visas and a variety of other fraudulent documents as an essential part of their smuggling activities.
John Shadegg

One of the best legislative accomplishments I've had here on an international basis and on saving lives is the bill we did against human trafficking.
Sam Brownback

One of the causes close to me is human trafficking, and I was first aware of it when I was modeling in Thailand. I came home to Canada and did more research and found out how big the problem was.
Shay Mitchell

Why am I in the music business? Well, you know, I go to different countries, like Thailand or Haiti, and I talk about human trafficking or I talk about AIDS and people listen. And that's when everything clicks. 'Oh, this is why I'm doing this. This is why I had to leave my house at the age of 12.' And, you know, that's where everything makes sense.
Ricky Martin
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Trafficking Translations

trafficking in German is Handel
trafficking in Italian is commercio

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