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Definition of Traded


  1. of Trade
  2. Professional; practiced.

Traded Quotations

I have never been a fan of bond funds. Unlike a direct investment in an individual bond that you can hold to maturity and be assured you will get your principal back (assuming no default), a fund has no finite maturity date and most funds are actively traded.
Suze Orman

Jobs, as such, are a relatively new concept. People may have always worked, but until the advent of the corporation in the early Renaissance, most people just worked for themselves. They made shoes, plucked chickens, or created value in some way for other people, who then traded or paid for those goods and services.
Douglas Rushkoff

When Donald Duck traded his wings for arms, was he trading up or trading down?
Douglas Coupland

I'm astonished at how readily a great many people I know, young people, have accepted a reduced economic prospect and limited freedoms in any substantial sense, and basically traded them for being able to screw around online.
Jaron Lanier

We have traded a dictator for a chaos that has left America less secure.
John F. Kerry
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Traded Translations

traded in German is gehandelt, handelte

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