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Definition of Toyed


  1. of Toy

Toyed Quotations

I toyed with the idea of playing Ravel's 'Pavane pour une infante defunte' but I couldn't remember if it's a tune or Latin prescription for piles.
Les Dawson

Before acting, I wanted to become a journalist. I also toyed with the idea of being a chef - but that's only when people asked me what I wanted to be. In fact, I always used to say I wanted to be an actor, but I didn't ever believe that I was good enough to be come one.
Ian Mckellen

We toyed with the idea of making it a double album, but I think that would only have confused everybody even more, so we decided to stick with the songs we picked.
Thom Yorke

O Polly, you might have toyed and kissed, by keeping men off, you keep them on.
John Gay

I toyed with the notion of being an actor, and am so glad that this whim did not go any further.
Martin Parr
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Toyed Translations

toyed in German is gespielt, spielte
toyed in Italian is giocai

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