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Definition of Tournament


  1. A mock fight, or warlike game, formerly in great favor, in which a number of combatants were engaged, as an exhibition of their address and bravery; hence, figuratively, a real battle.
  2. Any contest of skill in which there are many contestents for championship; as, a chess tournament.

Tournament Quotations

As a tennis player, you have to get used to losing every week. Unless you win the tournament, you always go home as a loser. But you have to take the positive out of a defeat and go back to work. Improve to fail better.
Stanislas Wawrinka

I don't know of any other organization that's raised more money than golf has, because if you are a baseball player, you're a football player, you're a hockey player, if you're just a businessman, and you want to raise some money for a charity, what do they do? They have a golf tournament. They have a golf outing, and they go out and they do it.
Lee Trevino

I've stayed calm when I'm winning and I've stayed calm when I've lost. Tennis is a sport where we have a lot of tournaments every week, so you can't celebrate a lot when you have big victories, and you cannot get too down when you're losing, as in a few days you'll be in the next tournament and you'll have to be ready with that.
Rafael Nadal

There's no sense in going to a tournament if you don't believe that you can win it. And that is the belief I have always had. And that is not going to change.
Tiger Woods

Win or lose today I am proud of the way my boys have played in the tournament.
Imran Khan
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Tournament Translations

tournament in Afrikaans is toernooi
tournament in Dutch is toernooi, steekspel
tournament in French is tournoi
tournament in German is Turnier, Turnier, Wettkampf
tournament in Italian is competizione, giostra
tournament in Spanish is competicion, torneo
tournament in Swedish is turnering
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