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Definition of Tooth


  1. One of the hard, bony appendages which are borne on the jaws, or on other bones in the walls of the mouth or pharynx of most vertebrates, and which usually aid in the prehension and mastication of food.
  2. Fig.: Taste; palate.
  3. Any projection corresponding to the tooth of an animal, in shape, position, or office; as, the teeth, or cogs, of a cogwheel; a tooth, prong, or tine, of a fork; a tooth, or the teeth, of a rake, a saw, a file, a card.
  4. A projecting member resembling a tenon, but fitting into a mortise that is only sunk, not pierced through.
  5. One of several steps, or offsets, in a tusk. See Tusk.
  6. An angular or prominence on any edge; as, a tooth on the scale of a fish, or on a leaf of a plant
  7. one of the appendages at the mouth of the capsule of a moss. See Peristome.
  8. Any hard calcareous or chitinous organ found in the mouth of various invertebrates and used in feeding or procuring food; as, the teeth of a mollusk or a starfish.
  9. To furnish with teeth.
  10. To indent; to jag; as, to tooth a saw.
  11. To lock into each other. See Tooth, n., 4.
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Tooth Translations

tooth in Danish is tand
tooth in Dutch is tand
tooth in Finnish is hammas
tooth in French is dent, dentaire
tooth in German is Zahn, verzahne, Zahn
tooth in Italian is dente
tooth in Latin is dens
tooth in Norwegian is tann, tann
tooth in Portuguese is dente
tooth in Spanish is diente, dental
tooth in Swedish is tand