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Definition of Tool


  1. To travel in a vehicle; to ride or drive.
  2. An instrument such as a hammer, saw, plane, file, and the like, used in the manual arts, to facilitate mechanical operations; any instrument used by a craftsman or laborer at his work; an implement; as, the tools of a joiner, smith, shoe-maker, etc.; also, a cutter, chisel, or other part of an instrument or machine that dresses work.
  3. A machine for cutting or shaping materials; -- also called machine tool.
  4. Hence, any instrument of use or service.
  5. A weapon.
  6. A person used as an instrument by another person; -- a word of reproach; as, men of intrigue have their tools, by whose agency they accomplish their purposes.
  7. To shape, form, or finish with a tool.
  8. To drive, as a coach.
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Tool Translations

tool in Dutch is middel, werktuig
tool in Finnish is koje
tool in French is instrument, outil
tool in German is Werkzeug, Hilfsprogramm, Werkzeug
tool in Norwegian is middel
tool in Portuguese is ferramenta
tool in Spanish is herramienta, instrumento, utensilio
tool in Swedish is verktyg, redskap