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Definition of Tiring


  1. of Tire

Tiring Quotations

I would make this war as severe as possible, and show no symptoms of tiring till the South begs for mercy.
William Tecumseh Sherman

Being a mother is quite tiring. There's not much time to do anything. You just rush around and it's hard work.
Kirsty Gallacher

I think they say that when you're breast feeding, you know, your weight kind of slims down. It's a little easier. It's like a workout within itself. It's very tiring actually and you find yourself snacking more often.
Christina Aguilera

I'm not an admirer of action movies. I just think, Oh my God, it must be so tiring.
Catherine Deneuve

The uncut diaries are 16 million words. It's very tiring to do your diary every night before you go to bed.
Tony Benn
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Tiring Translations

tiring in French is fatigant
tiring in Italian is faticoso
tiring in Spanish is trabajoso, fatigoso

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