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Definition of Tiptoe


  1. The end, or tip, of the toe.
  2. Being on tiptoe, or as on tiptoe; hence, raised as high as possible; lifted up; exalted; also, alert.
  3. Noiseless; stealthy.
  4. To step or walk on tiptoe.

Tiptoe Quotations

Life isn't a tiptoe through the tulips.
Shannon Hoon

Learning sleeps and snores in libraries, but wisdom is everywhere, wide awake, on tiptoe.
Josh Billings

Real elation is when you feel you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe.
Doug Larson

The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels.
Malcolm de Chazal

I always think it's hard for any young actor to make that transition to more grown-up roles. Because you don't want to alienate your audience who has been supportive of you for so many years, so you kind of have to tiptoe through that process.
Alexa Vega
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Tiptoe Translations

tiptoe in German is auf Zehenspitzen gehen, schleichen
tiptoe in Italian is strisciare
tiptoe in Spanish is punta del pie, de puntillas