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Definition of Tinker


  1. A mender of brass kettles, pans, and other metal ware.
  2. One skilled in a variety of small mechanical work.
  3. A small mortar on the end of a staff.
  4. A young mackerel about two years old.
  5. The chub mackerel.
  6. The silversides.
  7. A skate.
  8. The razor-billed auk.
  9. To mend or solder, as metal wares; hence, more generally, to mend.
  10. To busy one's self in mending old kettles, pans, etc.; to play the tinker; to be occupied with small mechanical works.
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Tinker Translations

tinker in French is bricolons, bricolez, bricoler, bricolent
tinker in German is basteln, flicken
tinker in Swedish is kittelflickare, fuskare