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Definition of Tilt


  1. A covering overhead; especially, a tent.
  2. The cloth covering of a cart or a wagon.
  3. A cloth cover of a boat; a small canopy or awning extended over the sternsheets of a boat.
  4. To cover with a tilt, or awning.
  5. To incline; to tip; to raise one end of for discharging liquor; as, to tilt a barrel.
  6. To point or thrust, as a lance.
  7. To point or thrust a weapon at.
  8. To hammer or forge with a tilt hammer; as, to tilt steel in order to render it more ductile.
  9. To run or ride, and thrust with a lance; to practice the military game or exercise of thrusting with a lance, as a combatant on horseback; to joust; also, figuratively, to engage in any combat or movement resembling that of horsemen tilting with lances.
  10. To lean; to fall partly over; to tip.
  11. A thrust, as with a lance.
  12. A military exercise on horseback, in which the combatants attacked each other with lances; a tournament.
  13. See Tilt hammer, in the Vocabulary.
  14. Inclination forward; as, the tilt of a cask.

Tilt Quotations

When Whitney Houston died, I felt great sadness. My sadness, of course, was about our collective loss - when you listened to this nightingale sing, your body would drop into a chair, your head would tilt up, a small smile would creep across your face, and inside you knew that there was a higher power somewhere: gifted, beautiful, spiritual.
James Belushi

The Moon stabilizes Earth's obliquity. Well, almost. The tilt actually varies between 22 and 24.5 degrees - and the variation is enough to induce such environmental inconveniences as the occasional ice age. Without the Moon, it might be much worse.
Seth Shostak

I'm a freak, everything has to be totally flat when I play. Ed Will, my jazz teacher, set up everything completely flat, and then you'd tilt your snare drum away from you, so I do that too. So my snare tilts away from me.
Travis Barker

I don't take on a fight just for a fight. I don't tilt at windmills.
Carly Fiorina

Surveys have shown going back as far as you and I can remember that people have perceived a leftward tilt in the basic coverage that they get on TV news.
Brit Hume
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Tilt Translations

tilt in Dutch is neigen, buigen, doen overhellen
tilt in Finnish is kallistaa
tilt in French is basculer, rendement maximum, pencher
tilt in Italian is ribaltabile, piegare
tilt in Swedish is luta, vippa
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