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Definition of Tighten


  1. To draw tighter; to straiten; to make more close in any manner.

Tighten Quotations

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.
Morihei Ueshiba

Governments are out of control, irresponsible, never have enough money, never tighten their own belts, and when they are forced to, they always threaten to shut down police departments and teachers and all these things.
Rush Limbaugh

When U.S. commercial interests press the Chinese government to do a better job of policing Chinese websites for pirated content, a blind eye is generally turned to the fact that ensuing crackdowns provide a great excuse to tighten mechanisms to censor all content the Chinese government doesn't like.
Rebecca MacKinnon

When the purse strings tighten up at museums, the institutions usually cut back and cancel shows. That's exactly the wrong reaction. In fact, now is a good time for them to loosen up - a chance to breathe and experiment a little - and go for the juicy solution lurking in their own basements.
Jerry Saltz

There was no way to lock down, or tighten up, or Fail-Safe into Security Theater a race that covers 26.2 miles, a race that travels from town to town, a race that travels past people's houses. There was no way to garrison the Boston Marathon. Now there will be.
Charlie Pierce
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Tighten Translations

tighten in Dutch is strakker aantrekken, aantrekken
tighten in German is straff, zusammenziehen, festigen, fest
tighten in Italian is teso, astringere, fisso
tighten in Latin is adstringo
tighten in Portuguese is aperte
tighten in Spanish is solidificar, tirante, astringir, fija
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