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Definition of Tickle


  1. To touch lightly, so as to produce a peculiar thrilling sensation, which commonly causes laughter, and a kind of spasm which become dengerous if too long protracted.
  2. To please; to gratify; to make joyous.
  3. To feel titillation.
  4. To excite the sensation of titillation.
  5. Ticklish; easily tickled.
  6. Liable to change; uncertain; inconstant.
  7. Wavering, or liable to waver and fall at the slightest touch; unstable; easily overthrown.
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Tickle Translations

tickle in Danish is kildre
tickle in Dutch is kriebelen, kietelen
tickle in Finnish is kutittaa
tickle in French is chatouiller
tickle in German is kitzeln, kitzeln, kitzele
tickle in Italian is solleticare
tickle in Norwegian is kile
tickle in Spanish is cosquillas, hacer cosquillas
tickle in Swedish is kittling, kittla