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Definition of Thwarted


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Thwarted Quotations

When life is victorious, there is birth; when it is thwarted, there is death. A warrior is always engaged in a life-and-death struggle for Peace.
Morihei Ueshiba

Nations, like plants and human beings, grow. And if the development is thwarted they are dwarfed and overshadowed.
Claude McKay

When you are thwarted, it is your own attitude that is out of order.
Meister Eckhart

So many financial dreams are thwarted by the failure to act upon good intentions.
Suze Orman

It is not easy for men to rise whose qualities are thwarted by poverty.
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Thwarted Translations

thwarted in German is vereitelte, hintertrieben, vereiteln
thwarted in Italian is frastornare
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