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Definition of Thwart


  1. Situated or placed across something else; transverse; oblique.
  2. Fig.: Perverse; crossgrained.
  3. Thwartly; obliquely; transversely; athwart.
  4. Across; athwart.
  5. A seat in an open boat reaching from one side to the other, or athwart the boat.
  6. To move across or counter to; to cross; as, an arrow thwarts the air.
  7. To cross, as a purpose; to oppose; to run counter to; to contravene; hence, to frustrate or defeat.
  8. To move or go in an oblique or crosswise manner.
  9. Hence, to be in opposition; to clash.
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Thwart Translations

thwart in German is hintertreiben, vereiteln, behindern
thwart in Italian is frastornare
thwart in Spanish is empachar