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Definition of Threaten


  1. To utter threats against; to menace; to inspire with apprehension; to alarm, or attempt to alarm, as with the promise of something evil or disagreeable; to warn.
  2. To exhibit the appearance of (something evil or unpleasant) as approaching; to indicate as impending; to announce the conditional infliction of; as, to threaten war; to threaten death.
  3. To use threats, or menaces; also, to have a threatening appearance.

Threaten Quotations

So long as nuclear weapons continue to exist, so will the temptation to threaten others with overwhelming military force.
Daisaku Ikeda

With success came an ever-growing burden of responsibility. I lived with a near-constant low-level anxiety that I would make a mistake that would not only threaten my career, but also my brothers' - not to mention the livelihoods of many people who work with us or for us.
Donny Osmond

Only seven years ago we made a treaty by which we were assured that the buffalo country should be left to us forever. Now they threaten to take that from us also.
Sitting Bull

The only foes that threaten America are the enemies at home, and these are ignorance, superstition and incompetence.
Elbert Hubbard

I have had a very difficult time with stage fright; it undermines your well-being and peace of mind, and it can also threaten your livelihood.
Renee Fleming
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Threaten Translations

threaten in Afrikaans is bedreig
threaten in Danish is true
threaten in Dutch is dreigen, bedreigen
threaten in Finnish is uhata
threaten in German is bedrohe, bedrohen, bedrohen
threaten in Italian is minacciare
threaten in Latin is impendeo, immineo
threaten in Portuguese is ameace
threaten in Spanish is amenazar
threaten in Swedish is hota
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