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Definition of Threadbare


  1. Worn to the naked thread; having the nap worn off; threadbare clothes.
  2. Fig.: Worn out; as, a threadbare subject; stale topics and threadbare quotations.

Threadbare Quotations

This age thinks better of a gilded fool Than of a threadbare saint in wisdom's school.
Thomas Dekker

Acting doesn't have to be threadbare misery all the time.
Fiona Shaw

I have this threadbare caftan from the '60s that I got at a vintage store years ago - it's basically a muumuu. My friends are astonished that I wear it, but I love it. It's this light fabric that just moves with me.
Gabrielle Anwar

Yes, threadbare seem his songs, to lettered ken - they were worn threadbare next the hearts of men.
William Watson
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Threadbare Translations

threadbare in German is fadenscheinige, fadenscheinig, fadenscheinig
threadbare in Spanish is calvo
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