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Definition of Thin


  1. Having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite; as, a thin plate of metal; thin paper; a thin board; a thin covering.
  2. Rare; not dense or thick; -- applied to fluids or soft mixtures; as, thin blood; thin broth; thin air.
  3. Not close; not crowded; not filling the space; not having the individuals of which the thing is composed in a close or compact state; hence, not abundant; as, the trees of a forest are thin; the corn or grass is thin.
  4. Not full or well grown; wanting in plumpness.
  5. Not stout; slim; slender; lean; gaunt; as, a person becomes thin by disease.
  6. Wanting in body or volume; small; feeble; not full.
  7. Slight; small; slender; flimsy; wanting substance or depth or force; superficial; inadequate; not sufficient for a covering; as, a thin disguise.
  8. Not thickly or closely; in a seattered state; as, seed sown thin.
  9. To make thin (in any of the senses of the adjective).
  10. To grow or become thin; -- used with some adverbs, as out, away, etc.; as, geological strata thin out, i. e., gradually diminish in thickness until they disappear.

Thin Quotations

Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.
Hunter S. Thompson

Thin people are beautiful, but fat people are adorable.
Jackie Gleason

There is a thin line between politics and theatricals.
Julian Bond

Given the scale of trauma caused by the genocide, Rwanda has indicated that however thin the hope of a community can be, a hero always emerges. Although no one can dare claim that it is now a perfect state, and that no more work is needed, Rwanda has risen from the ashes as a model or truth and reconciliation.
Wole Soyinka

Would that there were an award for people who come to understand the concept of enough. Good enough. Successful enough. Thin enough. Rich enough. Socially responsible enough. When you have self-respect, you have enough.
Gail Sheehy
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Thin Translations

thin in Afrikaans is maer, skraal, dun
thin in Danish is tynd, mager
thin in Dutch is sprietig, schraal, mager
thin in Italian is magro
thin in Latin is macresco, exilis, infrequens, tenuis, levidensis
thin in Norwegian is tynn
thin in Portuguese is fino, delgado
thin in Spanish is escurrido
thin in Swedish is gles, tunn, gallra, mager
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