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Definition of Thicket


  1. A wood or a collection of trees, shrubs, etc., closely set; as, a ram caught in a thicket.

Thicket Quotations

For most of us, wisdom is acquired in the thicket of experience and usually meets us somewhere along the way if we live long enough. But sooner is better than later.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I was born in Saratoga, Texas, a little town there in the Big Thicket about 60 miles north of Beaumont. Needless to say, we were very, very poor, but we always managed to have enough to keep our bellies full.
George Jones

Actually I ran away from school when I was 13. No one could find me, and the police were called. I was just hiding in a little thicket of grass at my school, and went to sleep.
Zhang Ziyi
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Thicket Translations

thicket in German is Dickicht, Dickicht, Dickichts
thicket in Italian is folto
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