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Definition of Tested


  1. of Test

Tested Quotations

Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested.
Elizabeth I

Where a man's strength and courage is tested most is in the way that he treats women - the way that he loves.
John Eldredge

In the Bhagavad Gita, there is no long discussion, nothing elaborate. The main reason for this is that everything stated in the Gita is meant to be tested in the life of every man; it is intended to be verified in practice.
Vinoba Bhave

I always liked the magic of poetry but now I'm just starting to see behind the curtain of even the best poets, how they've used, tried and tested craft to create the illusion. Wonderful feeling of exhilaration to finally be there.
David Knopfler

Sacrifice is truly the crowning test of the gospel. Men are tried and tested in this mortal probation to see if they will put first in their lives the kingdom of God.
Ezra Taft Benson
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Tested Translations

tested in Latin is exertus
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