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Definition of Tempt


  1. To put to trial; to prove; to test; to try.
  2. To lead, or endeavor to lead, into evil; to entice to what is wrong; to seduce.
  3. To endeavor to persuade; to induce; to invite; to incite; to provoke; to instigate.
  4. To endeavor to accomplish or reach; to attempt.

Tempt Quotations

When you do the wrong thing, knowing it is wrong, you do so because you haven't developed the habit of effectively controlling or neutralizing strong inner urges that tempt you, or because you have established the wrong habit and don't know how to eliminate them effectively.
W. Clement Stone

I never resist temptation, because I have found that things that are bad for me do not tempt me.
George Bernard Shaw

You mustn't always believe what I say. Questions tempt you to tell lies, particularly when there is no answer.
Pablo Picasso

For to tempt and to be tempted are things very nearly allied - whenever feeling has anything to do in the matter, no sooner is it excited than we have already gone vastly farther than we are aware of.
Catherine the Great

When you start becoming really successful, the demons start to tempt you - the demons of vanity and self importance, drug abuse, the feelings of fraudulence. But, it's also a thrill. That's what I found weird.
Ethan Hawke
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Tempt Translations

tempt in Dutch is in verzoeking brengen, bekoren
tempt in French is tenter, tentons, tentez, tentent
tempt in German is verleiten, verleite, versuchen
tempt in Spanish is tentar
tempt in Swedish is fresta
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