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Definition of Temperature


  1. The degree of heat of the body of a living being, esp. of the human body; also (Colloq.), loosely, the excess of this over the normal (of the human body 98 degrees-99.5 degrees F., in the mouth of an adult about 98.4 degrees).
  2. Constitution; state; degree of any quality.
  3. Freedom from passion; moderation.
  4. Condition with respect to heat or cold, especially as indicated by the sensation produced, or by the thermometer or pyrometer; degree of heat or cold; as, the temperature of the air; high temperature; low temperature; temperature of freezing or of boiling.
  5. Mixture; compound.
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Temperature Translations

temperature in Afrikaans is temperatuur
temperature in Dutch is temperatuur
temperature in German is Temperatur
temperature in Italian is febbre, temperatura
temperature in Portuguese is temperatura
temperature in Spanish is temperatura
temperature in Swedish is temperatur