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Definition of Telltale


  1. A thing that serves to disclose something or give information; a hint or indication.
  2. An arrangement consisting of long strips, as of rope, wire, or leather, hanging from a bar over railroad tracks, in such a position as to warn freight brakemen of their approach to a low overhead bridge.
  3. Telling tales; babbling.
  4. One who officiously communicates information of the private concerns of others; one who tells that which prudence should suppress.
  5. A movable piece of ivory, lead, or other material, connected with the bellows of an organ, that gives notice, by its position, when the wind is exhausted.
  6. A mechanical attachment to the steering wheel, which, in the absence of a tiller, shows the position of the helm.
  7. A compass in the cabin of a vessel, usually placed where the captain can see it at all hours, and thus inform himself of the vessel's course.
  8. A machine or contrivance for indicating or recording something, particularly for keeping a check upon employees, as factory hands, watchmen, drivers, check takers, and the like, by revealing to their employers what they have done or omitted.
  9. The tattler. See Tattler.

Telltale Quotations

And I went through a lot of detours and I took a lot of roads and things so yes, that's all there, but it's not meant to be shocking or telltale.
Kim Novak

Know how to behave at a fine restaurant, which is a telltale measure of social maturity.
Marilyn vos Savant

When I really have to push and grope and scratch and claw to make a story work, that's a telltale sign that maybe something conceptually isn't right.
David E. Kelley

Every time I write something down I check it to see if it has that telltale glow, the glow that tells me there's something there. If it glows, it stays. Everything is either on or off.
Jim Woodring
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Telltale Translations

telltale in German is Klatschbase
telltale in Spanish is soplon
telltale in Swedish is skvallerbytta
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