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Definition of Tease


  1. To comb or card, as wool or flax.
  2. To stratch, as cloth, for the purpose of raising a nap; teasel.
  3. To tear or separate into minute shreds, as with needles or similar instruments.
  4. To vex with importunity or impertinence; to harass, annoy, disturb, or irritate by petty requests, or by jests and raillery; to plague.
  5. One who teases or plagues.
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Tease Translations

tease in Afrikaans is pla
tease in Dutch is plagen
tease in French is agacer, taquiner
tease in German is foppe, sticheln, reizen
tease in Italian is irritare, punzecchiare
tease in Latin is fatigo
tease in Spanish is fastidiar