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Definition of Tactful


  1. Full of tact; characterized by a discerning sense of what is right, proper, or judicious.

Tactful Quotations

The best of merchandise will go back to the shelf unless handled by a conscientious, tactful salesman.
James Cash Penney

To be meek, patient, tactful, modest, honorable, brave, is not to be either manly or womanly; it is to be humane.
Jane Harrison

In a poem, the words happen; they just come. I let them. Otherwise, I wouldn't write. To interfere with what is happening is to distort the poem. Just a very small degree of intelligence and supervision is necessary. Very tactful. Any revision later that violates the text as it came, that begins rewriting the words, is fake.
Louis Dudek

Sometimes I can be tactful and sometimes not. It all depends on the mood I'm in.
Melanie Brown

As an editor, I have to be tactful, of course.
Robert Gottlieb
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Tactful Translations

tactful in German is taktvoll, taktvoll, taktvollen
tactful in Swedish is grannlaga, taktfull
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