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Definition of Tacky


  1. Dowdy, shabby, or neglected in appearance; unkempt.
  2. An ill-conditioned, ill-fed, or neglected horse; also, a person in a like condition.
  3. Sticky; adhesive; raw; -- said of paint, varnish, etc., when not well dried.

Tacky Quotations

There's definitely a thin line between being tasteful and tacky.
Big Sean

When I got married in 1991, I had never been to a wedding, so I didn't know that my wedding was tacky. I didn't know that I was getting married in a quinceanera dress, because there was nobody there to cry over me and tell me I look like a fool.
Niecy Nash

It wasn't until I was working on 'Tacky' that I admitted to myself that I was writing a series.
Steven Brust

A pocket square must always - always - be white and a bit wild. If it is too prepared, it is tacky.
Lapo Elkann

Sexual underwear is tacky.
Izabella Scorupco
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Tacky Translations

tacky in Swedish is klibbig
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