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Definition of Symbolized


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Symbolized Quotations

When President Teddy Roosevelt posed for the cameras astride a massive steam shovel during construction of the Panama Canal in 1906, it was more than a simple photo op. Though the scene was clearly staged, it symbolized a crucial moment in American history.
Alan Huffman

Today, the degradation of the inner life is symbolized by the fact that the only place sacred from interruption is the private toilet.
Lewis Mumford

The mere thought of divorce terrified me. To me, divorce symbolized failure.
Annette Funicello

Like the skyscraper, the automobile, and the motion-picture palace, neon signs once symbolized popular hopes for a new era of technological achievement and commercial abundance. From the 1920s to the 1950s, neon-lit streets pulsed with visual excitement from Vancouver to Miami.
Virginia Postrel

I did not go into the film business to be symbolized as someone else's vision of me.
Sidney Poitier
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Symbolized Translations

symbolized in German is symbolisierten, symbolisierte
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